InnoRoute - engineering network efficiency


InnoRoute is an SME specialized in network packet processing with a focus on Quality-of-Service.


The InnoRoute solutions target fixed as well as mobile networks, especially at the network edges, where fast fiber network backbone ends in many small bandwidth channels. At these places - DSLAMs and MDUs in the fixed line access network, as well as base stations in the mobile network - the traffic must be handled across many different interfaces and needs to be scheduled. InnoRoute's FlowEngine access multiplexing IP provides traffic management to those devices.


Routers are of high importance for both fixed and mobile networks. They are key to reach better QoS. InnoRoute's TrustNode IPv6 router provides network researchers as well as network engineers with a flexible high-end solution. It provides the shortest latency in the market:


InnoRoute's PowerBond solution provides VDSL-bonding to achieve Gigabit speed with existing VDSL lines. It is available as IP-Cores for an FPGA, as a daughter board for existing home gateways, and as a pure bonding-capable modem.


InnoRoute means:

  • IP Excellence for your Network
  • Simplifying QoS handling
  • High-end user experience for high-end services
  • Ease of use